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Massage and Wellness Therapy

Using specialized massage therapy techniques, our massages are tailored to help relieve pain, stress and tension. Our massage treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. We provide a pampering experience to make you feel completely at ease.

We provide the following massage therapy modalities:

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Medical Massage

If you are still struggling with pain and discomfort, or if you have suffered a slip and fall injury, you should consider a medical massage for treatment. Medical massages are an all-natural, safe and effective way to help manage pain and reduce uncomfortable symptoms that disrupt your quality of life and regular range of motion. This unique type of care is becoming increasingly more popular as a treatment method for many injuries and conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Your First Massage

On-Site Massage

Compliment to Chiropractic Care

Sports and Fitness

Massage During Pregnancy

Healthy Aging

Anidote to Stress

Rehab Massage

Auto Injury Massage (medically necessary massage therapy for injured area)

Surgical/Injury Recovery Massage

Clinical Massage

Neuro-Muscular Therapy/Paul St. John/Tragger

Cranial Sacral


Infant Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Couples Massage

Cosmetology Services

Manicures and pedicures

No look is complete without well manicured and polished nails. From our simple and neutral manicures we can make your hands look beautiful. Aside from giving you the ideal shape and color you desire, we can also add some nail art to vamp up your look. All mani's and pedi's include clipping, shaping, groomed cuticles, hydration, massage, and polish.


We offer a variety of facials to address your skincare concerns. We will customize each facial treatment to meet your skins needs, whether it’s to rebalance, rehydrate, desensitize or correct skin problems. We encourage you to call us and schedule a consultation to determine the right facial for your needs.


The key to enhancing a woman's facial features are defined and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Our eyebrow expert can create the ideal shape and look to complement your face and give you the right arch. We also offer the ever popular Brazilian waxing. For clients who want a soft and smooth bikini area but hate shaving and tweezing, the Brazilian is the perfect solution. We offer several types of Brazilian waxing to choose from.

Hair Coloring and Highlights

Our highly trained and experienced hair coloring experts offer coloring and highlighting services to suit your specific needs and preferences. We do all types of coloring, from custom highlights and lowlights to 2 step coloring. We use only the finest quality professional products and guarantee that you will look and feel your best.